New to Nursing School!

Hi everyone,

I recently began nursing school a few weeks ago and it has been absolutely hectic! I am still adjusting to the curriculum and course load, but it is definitely no joke. The program really pushes your ability to critically think and implement what you learned in the real clinical setting. It is not just about pure memorization and picking one right answer, but rather understanding multiple concepts and using those concepts to arrive at the best possible conclusion.

I am in a cohort of 30 students, including myself, and we all strive to help one another. I am glad I got to make new friends within my cohort because all of us are in the same boat, so if one of us is struggling, we help each other. I get to improve upon my own skills, but I also get to offer my advice and knowledge to others. I am still adjusting and figuring out the best way for me to study, but as the weeks go by, I am getting better at learning the ropes.

Being a first-semester nursing student is very nerve-wracking and I find myself constantly being worried and anxious, but as a mental note, I have to remind myself every now and then to just breathe!

6 thoughts on “New to Nursing School!

    1. It is tough, but I would like to believe hard work pays off in the long run! 🙂 My peers have been keeping me sane through this entire process, so I greatly rely on them 😛

  1. I actually had a few friends that went though the nursing program and said it was extremely tough but told me that they made friends with their classmates and it was through those friendships and study sessions that they were able to get through it all. So make some friends and even some study groups and you’ll do just fine.
    You got this!

    1. I definitely agree! Having friends within my cohort makes it much more easier when it comes to studying. Thank you for the kind words! I truly appreciate it 🙂

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